Boost your firm’s success with EffectivePrice

Price consistently, increase client loyalty, & bottom-line profits.

EffectivePrice allows accountancy businesses to price their services consistently whilst allowing clients to choose fees and services which suit their circumstances.

Key Features to enhance your pricing process.

Active Pricing

Logical approach – Users complete a series of logical criteria from which the software generates the fee quotes.

Easy to use – The systemised approach and clear criteria make it very easy to use.

Tailored prices – The criteria, conditional criteria and packaged services ensure fully bespoke quotes for each client.

Multiple services – The software allows multiple services to be included in the one quote and service agreement.

Client buy in

Client facing – The software is designed to be used with clients, including them as a key part of the fee generating and decision-making process.

Provide choice – The criteria and packaged services allow clients to decide their own prices, ensuring greater buy-in and client loyalty.

Secure work quicker – Packaging services simplifies the information to process, making decisions easier and securing the work quicker.

Instant agreement – The software will instantly generate a service agreement, service summaries, and a pricing brochure, ensuring immediate sign up.

Simple and ever ready

Ready to use – The software is pre-populated with services, descriptions and pricing models based upon years of research to allow you to instantly start using the software to quote.

Easy to understand – The system is streamlined, and language kept simple to make it easy for anyone to use and understand.

Eliminating scope creep.

No surprises – Full details of each level of service are provided both on screen and in all of the documentation, whether in the pricing brochure, service agreement or service summaries, to ensure full transparency for all parties.

Reduce scope creep – – The software and documentation provide clients with total clarity on what they can expect for each level of service, and their obligations to ensure all parties know exactly what is involved.

Full integration – For ProActivTax members the pricing system also integrates with the ProActivTax delivery systems, allowing ProActivTax members to deliver exactly the services requested to a high standard eliminating scope creep.

Data and security

Secure – All data is fully encrypted before being communicated and stored securely on EffectivePrice servers.

GDPR compliant – Data communication and storage conforms to GDPR regulations.


You can sign up and start using EffectivePrice straight away.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited proposals
  • Fixed monthly fee of £26.70 + VAT(£32.04) for core software
  • Add on modules £4.00 + VAT (£4.80) per month each
  • There are no long tie in periods
Unlimited users;

Add all of your team and ensure your team are pricing consistently.

Unlimited proposals;

Create as many proposal quotes as you wish without limit.

Fixed monthly fee;

The core software provides everything you need to price Personal Tax Returns, Sole trader Accounts, Partnership Tax returns, Partnership Accounts, Limited Liability Partnership statutory services (LLP Responsibilities), Tax Planning and other options. You can securely sign up online and set up a monthly payment plan, which you can cancel at any time without penalty. We use GoCardless to ensure your payment details remain confidential and secure.

No long tie in periods;

There is no minimum subscription period. You can cancel payments and access at any time. We hope you continue using EffectivePrice because you are getting awesome results with it.

Add on modules;

We are continually adding new modules to the software. The modules currently available are;

  • Module 1 – Company & Payroll. The Company and Payroll module allows you to price Company Accounts, Company Tax Returns, Company statutory services and Payroll.
  • Module 2 – Bookkeeping and Management. The Bookkeeping and Management module allows you to price Bookkeeping services, VAT returns, and Management accounts.
  • Module 3 – Amend & edit. The amend and edit module provides new templates which you can edit and personalise, and greater flexibility on wording and levels of service. In addition, you can upload your own terms of business to replace the template provided.
  • Module 4 – Audit. The audit module allows you to price various auditing services, edit existing ones or add your own. The module also allows you to include your own documentation within the pricing process.

Modules can be switched on and off at any time.

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